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Bella Babes Fitness… what do you think? At the moment I’m doing my best to start a business to help anyone who world like to better their health! Everyone is welcome to visit the Facebook page ( Fitness ) where I will be posting random health tips and motivation! If you are an Oregonian and live in the Portland area, I’m hoping to pull together a fun fitness community with positive vibes! I will be posting events where people can get together and exercise, or even just socialize!


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For the past week transportation has been an issue. With my car in the shop and having to share my mum’s car, I’ve found it best to just stay home. With that said, I haven’t been to the gym. Also with all the time I spend with Mr.Smith it’s no surprise that I haven’t been eating well. I’ve been feeling bloated and quite jiggly. I should have my car by tomorrow, so I’m very excited to get back to the gym. I also need to inforce better diet habits when I’m with Mr. Smith. That’s one thing many people struggle with, eating well when you’re hanging out with others. It is difficult, especially if your friends don’t eat healthy. Thankfully, in my situation, Mr.Smith is trying to eat healthy as well, but somehow we manage to hinder each other and we both end up eating like shit. 

It takes time and a lot of effort to lead a healthy life. Rather than letting people drag you down and giving in to junk food, try to help them eat better. And don’t beat yourself up for eating something “bad” every once and a while. Feeling guilty won’t do you any good, just resume back to eating well and try not to do it next time.