Where Are My Pants?

I hate wearing pants, so usually I’ll walk around the house in a tee-shirt and underwear. Well, yesterday I was getting ready to see the guy I’ve been seeing for almost two months (I’ll just can him Mr.Smith). Fresh out of the shower, I put on my Star Wars tee and then decided I was hungry; I went to the kitchen and pulled out some mochi ice cream from the freezer. After I was don’t eating, I went back to the bathroom and finished getting ready. It wasn’t long until I realized that I still didn’t have pants on. I started to rush around the house knowing that Mr.Smith was going to be there soon. I began to yell, “Where are my pants? Does anyone know where my pants are?” My sister began laughing, “You never wear pants and now that you need them you can’t find them!” Then my mum joined in on poking fun at me. Finally after they made all of their jokes my sister told me that they were on the toaster in the kitchen. Of course, with me being me, I left them on the toaster when I was getting the mochi. 


An Attempt at Flirting

I will start this off by admitting that I cannot flirt for the life of me. Just yesterday I was Snap-chatting a very handsome guy that I’m very interested in. He’s an actor in a play, and in the play his character is shirtless at one point. He messaged me saying, “Here comes my shirtless scene.” Well, I saw that as an opportunity to practice my “oh-so-smooth” flirting skills. I replied with a text that I thought read, “Shirtless scene… where is this place at again? I think I need to pick something up from there.” followed by a cute little winky face. His next message had me crying with embarrassment and laughter. It read, “You know you just said shitless, right?” Of course I said shitless, it’s my own special way to flirt.