For my birthday, a couple days ago, my body decided to gift me with a kidney infection. Tonight a few friends of mine decided to throw a “Valloween” get-together (rather than celebrating Valentine’s Day we just celebrated another Halloween). Everyone got dressed up for this party, I went as a pirate. Well, since my kidneys were so rotten the other day, I thought it was best that I didn’t drink tonight. As expected, everyone else drank. We all decided that I was the designated driver. Now there were only seven people at this thing so it wasn’t hard to keep everyone safe. Until the boys thought it was a good idea to give each other piggyback rides… which lead to shoulder rides. One guy ended up flipping over another’s shoulders and damn near cracked his head opened. Then everyone came to the conclusion that they wanted Taco Bell. I, being the designated driver, had to get three of the drunk people into my car to take them to fast food. The girl that went with me could handle her alcohol and retain herself, but the boys were a whole different story. They were shouting the entire way there about what they would do if we were to get pulled over by a cop. Thankfully, when we were at the window for the drive through they stayed quite. Then when we got back to the house they were back at it with the yelling. The well retained girl is the fiancé of one of the guys and she had to keep telling him to quite down and she became very frustrated. Anyway, the night continued on and I started cleaning up everything. One of the guys kept on saying he wasn’t feeling good. I quickly got him water, cool paper towels, and prepared some plastic bags. He ended up puking.

Right now its 1:30 A.M. and I’m sitting at the foot of Mr. Smiths (a.k.a my boyfriend) bed. Mr.Smith is passed out from alcohol and pot brownies. I’m the last one awake. The girl’s fiancé is asleep with his head in the toilet and I’m waiting for him to puke so I can go take care of that. I don’t think I want to be the designated driver anymore.


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