As none of you know, but most could guess, I have no job at the moment. I quit my last job, that had me flipping burgers, a couple weeks ago. And I had an interview to be a bikini barista about thirty minutes ago. Now, I don’t want to say I was nervous, but I was shaking and ready to vomit the whole time. I wanted to maintain a good amount of eye contact, but I’m pretty sure it ended up just being a bug-eyed stare. I hope I did well. I mean what person with low self esteem and lack of over all confidence wouldn’t want to strut around in a tiny bikini and serve people their sticky, sweet drinks? Not to include that I’ll probably burn my tits off while making someone’s mocha-choca-skinny-chia-latte. I’m sure I’ll enjoy the job and the experience that comes with it, but I’m just a little confused on how such a small amount of clothing can keep a barista safe from boiling coffee and scalding milk. Oh well, fingers crossed, right?


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