Cat Calling

As a young woman I have had my fair share of hoots, hollers, and whistles. I’m a naturally shy person when it comes to strangers, so if I’m being “catcalled” I’ll usually turn red in the face and try to get away without making eye contact. Well, a couple months ago a group of boys were in the Safeway parking lot, and I had just gotten done grocery shopping. As I was getting the bags into my car, the guys looked at me and tried to impress each other by yelling typical small-minded “complements” about my appearance. I had been having a shitty day and was not in the mood to have attention put on how my ass looked in those jeans. I should probably mention that I have a deep voice for a girl, especially when I yell. Anyway, I calmly turned to them and shouted, “The fuck you want?” while displaying the masculine, challenging posture that usually goes with the intense frase, “Wanna fight, bro?”. The boys stared at me with a shocked expressions while mumbling to one another. They all quickly gathered into their car and began driving away. At a last attempt action, one of them poked his head out of the window and replied to my rhetorical question, “Your number!” His comment had me laughing so hard! From now on, for my own entertainment, I think I’ll rebuke whenever a guy catcalls me.


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