An Attempt at Flirting

I will start this off by admitting that I cannot flirt for the life of me. Just yesterday I was Snap-chatting a very handsome guy that I’m very interested in. He’s an actor in a play, and in the play his character is shirtless at one point. He messaged me saying, “Here comes my shirtless scene.” Well, I saw that as an opportunity to practice my “oh-so-smooth” flirting skills. I replied with a text that I thought read, “Shirtless scene… where is this place at again? I think I need to pick something up from there.” followed by a cute little winky face. His next message had me crying with embarrassment and laughter. It read, “You know you just said shitless, right?” Of course I said shitless, it’s my own special way to flirt.



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